Stump for Trump is dedicated to supporting and re-electing our great 45th President, Donald J. Trump.

Our team consists of Trump campaign alumni and patriotic conservatives who have supported President Trump since he came down the escalator to announce his run for the presidency in 2015.

We create insightful graphics and videos that we advertise across social media platforms to reach hundreds of thousands of people every day.

Our goal is to re-elect President Trump in 2020 and elect candidates the president supports by fundraising and advertising for them.

We must spread the truth about the success of the Trump presidency that the Fake News Media refuses to cover. It’s on us to back up the president and expose the lies being told on a daily basis.

We are 100% crowd funded by you, conservative grassroot donors who are sick and tired of the hateful and outrageous treatment towards President Trump, so we need your help to get the truth out about his policies and his many accomplishments.